Why join DeMoN Corporation's family?

There is a place called home ... and DeMoN Corporation offers a financial Home to Your business(es). This is a place where Your company will be handled delicately and professionally, all transactions shall be made conciously and lawfully, but despite all of that, our ultimate goal is TCS (Total Customer Satisfaction).

About Us

Established more than a decade ago (in 2007), DeMoN family of clients is steadily growing.


  • Financial consultation
  • Financial analyses
  • Accounting services
  • Collection services
  • Liquidation

Client's fields:

  • Outsourced services
  • Print and design
  • Real estate
  • Advertising
  • Wholesale

Business is easily defined - it's other people's money.

Peter Drucker


  • Today's news:

    No news are good news

Contact Us

Name: Erol Kunman

Phone: +372 53 44 22 63

Email: erol@demon.ee